Friday, March 24, 2017

review: fabricated city

Hi and welcome back!

Fyi I just finished the national-based school exam (which I think was sort of.... meh) and I'll be free for two weeks until the national exam comes. But anyways, I'm going to do another review, which is a movie review!

(well I won't be really free, though I still have to study for four subjects left and study for SBMPTN - in case worse thing happens... I hope not)

In order to cool down myself this evening, I decided to watch one of the movies that I had been dying to watch ever since. It is Fabricated City, one of the new Korean movies that came out this month, appoximately in the first week of March. I first discovered this movie after I found out more about Ji Chang Wook (for you who are into K-Wave, I'm pretty sure you know him as he's quite famous, if I'm not mistaken). I also first knew him from a Korean drama titled The K2, and I was amazed by his acting since then.

(and I had never thought that I would be interested in korean movie industry, or the drama series.)

Here you are brought to the story of Kwon Yu (Ji Chang Wook), an unemployment who spends his time playing action video games, along with other online players. On a night, he received a call from a phone whom the owner is unknown. The caller tells him to return her phone to the motel she stays. He goes to the motel, returns it to the owner, and received the reward for returning the phone. 

Then in the next morning, when he is asleep in his house, the cops break in and arrest him for committing sexual abuse and murder to the girl who asks him to return her phone in the motel. All evidences prove that he is the one who does it, and he's not able to defend himself because of it. Someone put a knife with blood on it and the investigators claim that the fingerprints on the evidences belongs to him. He actually does not do it - he is framed for doing such crime. 

He does not accept the fact that he has just done a sexual abuse and murdered the victim. However, he is sent to the prison and often get beaten by other prisoners, for not obeying the seniors in the prison. Being willing to prove that he is innocent, he tries to escape from the prison by hurting himself so he can be carried out of the prison to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, he successfully escapes and tries not to be recognized by the citizen. On his run, he tries to find out who frames him for committing crimes, with help from four gamers and hackers, and start to team up with them to discover it. 

I've got to say, I was very mesmerized with the plot. I think that makes this film really great. How could the author think of this kind of story? Five gamers trying to solve a crime to prove that Kwon Yu is innocent, just as how they play an action video game together - they first make plans and strategies. I thought 'oh so this is how gamers solve the crime. Quite mesmerizing tho'. The author also didn't make the storyline hard to be digested by our brain. However, it is also not light, since it has quite complex stories and confilcts. I'm 100% sure that I won't complain about the plot, because it's just really good and I enjoyed it very much as I love action, thriller and crime movies or books. 

(you'll get surprised when you know who's the one who frame him. yet i've guessed in the first 30 minutes and I was right. it should've been more shocking for the plot twist I guess)

And for the acting quality, I think Ji Chang Wook should be given two thumbs up. He brought more emotions in this movie. Not too far form The K2 where he successfully brought the same emotions. The author also successfully made Kwon Yu character really strong. But I just realized that he barely smiles in the entire movie (I even remember that he never laughs!) so it seems like it's a very serious movie. I wasn't surpised that he starred this kind of film, as he seems like he is the pro of action or crime dramas (see also Healer). My complain is to the other characters - the gamers, and other supporting characters. I'm pretty much sure that the actors and actresses have done the very good job to make this film. I think that the personalities in each character should've been more variative - except the villain and the girl who is one of the four gamers who helps Kwon Yu solve the case. The other three gamers, for example - I see that they're just the three same people who are funny and there are no more specific characters in each of them. But after all they're just really good when teaming up. The girl, one of the gamers, seems really cold and quiet, uses the same flat expression in the entire movie - except when she screams tho. One thing that makes her really cool in the team is she is the one who mostly takes charge of (you may call it) programming. 

And the villain - well the actor has successfully brought the acting as the crazy, psychotic human being. I won't tell any futher about the villain because (ehm) spoilers, ehehe. 

One thing that I've been asking, what is the villain's purpose of framing Kwon Yu? It's not explained and I don't know if the plot is done like that on purpose or not. I think it should've been explained.....

Overall, I can say that Fabricated City is very good for its plot and how it presents the action elements really well. I'm pretty sure that boys would probably enjoy watching this too. A notice for you out there, especially girls, who seeks for emotional, dramatic and romantic movies, this is not for you. I see no romance elements and I also think it doesn't need to be added to the film. For you who is also the lovers of actoin films, Fabricated City should be put in your bucket list. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

farahfrd blog 2.0!


Happy new year to every living creatures in entire universe.

(k this sounds ridiculously hyperbolic)

So I'm presenting you my blog update! Harus kuakui blog ini seringkali terabaikan karena kesibukanku sejak masuk SMA. No need to tell how busy I am kalau kamu pernah ngalamin atau melewati hal yang sama. Dan waktu SMA adalah dimana aku kehilangan interest buat menulis, dan lebih tertarik buat bikin dan ngedit video. Jadilah aku punya channel YouTube. Bisa dicek lewat tombol kecil di sebelah kanan posting ini. 

Sekarang aku mau bahas apa aja yang berubah dari blog ini. 

Pertama, of course yang paling kelihatan adalah template nya. Sebenarnya udah lama aku gonta-ganti template, nyari-nyari mana yang sesuai sama seleraku. Kebanyakan yang kusuka premium lagi (nanti aja belinya kalau udah bisa menghasilkan uang sendiri hehe) dan akhirnya nemu template clean ini. Memang aku mau bikin se-minimalis mungkin. Kalau kalian udah follow blog ini dari tahun 2011, waktu masih zaman-zaman template blog yang colorful atau nuansa pastel dan girly, pake blogskins, kalian bisa bandingin kalau tema templatenya berubah drastis. Aku enggak tau kenapa aku seneng banget sama nuansa-nuansa girly sampai tema templatenya aku pakai warna pink pastel (dan sekarang aku malah enggak suka warna pink. Semua warna yang kusuka kebanyakan warna earthy). Yang pasti sekarang aku udah menemukan template yang cocok buat blog yang multi-themed ini. Blog fotografi iya, traveling iya, atau cuma sekedar nulis hal-hal random juga iya. So far aku suka template yang baru ini meskipun secara estetis sepi banget, cuma hitam-putih. Tapi ya namanya juga minimalistik, hehe. 

Kedua, konten. I take this seriously. Secara umum aku tetap mempertahankan blog ini sebagai blog personal karena terkadang aku perlu media untuk melampiaskan sesuatu yang enggak bisa kulampiaskan di dunia nyata(?). Sub-kontennya juga enggak banyak yang berubah. Masih ada TeenTip, postingan foto-foto aku waktu liburan, atau tulisan yang sekarang kulabelin 'curhat' karena sifatnya personal banget hehe. Tapi ada penambahan untuk konten cerita fiksi.

Waktu awal-awal ngeblog, aku rajin nulis cerita fiksi disini. Mini novel lah ya, kalau bisa dibilang. Karena satu part nya aja terbilang sedikit (dan aku baru sadar setelah baca hasil karya tulis aku beberapa menit yang lalu yang rasanya mau ketawa sendiri karena grammarku masih kacau banget dulu). Terus tahun lalu aku sempat jadiin postingan cerita itu sebagai draft aja. Alasannya ya karena itu; grammar. Buat yang belum tau aku dulu nulis cerita pakai bahasa inggris - semata-mata buat melatih kemampuan writing aku dalam bahasa inggris, dan karena iseng mau coba bikin tulisan pakai bahasa inggris. Niatnya mau direvisi, kan, supaya dibacanya enak, dan alur ceritanya lebih dapet. Tapi aku udah keduluan malas dan udah enggak ada waktu buat revisi lagi, akhirnya kuputuskan untuk re-publish lagi cerita-cerita fiksi. Sayang juga sih kalau cuma dijadiin draft aja. Kalian bisa klik label fiction story di samping dan kalian bisa baca tulisanku yang amatiran abis.

Rencananya aku bakal banyak nulis cerita fiksi lagi, terus upload kesini. Atau kupublish tulisan-tulisan lama aku yang udah menjamur di laptop karena enggak pernah diapa-apain lagi setelah selesai kutulis. Tapi hal yang satu ini masih kurundingin, karena sekarang kan ada wattpad, dan disana mungkin ceritaku bakal lebih banyak yang baca ketimbang upload kesini. What do you think of it? Upload kesini aja atau ke wattpad? Minta pendapatnya ya. *wink*

Aku juga mau banyakin review buku atau film, atau serial tv yang pernah kutonton. Hitung-hitung selama SMA banyak film yang kutonton, tapi lupa kalau aku bisa bikin reveiw tentang filmnya. Mungkin aku bisa bikin dari sekarang. Ingatan aku akan drakor yang kutonton waktu liburan masih fresh nih hahaha.

 Ketiga, produktivitas aku akan menulis di blog. Mungkin setelah postingan ini ter-publish blog ini akan terbengkalai lagi untuk tiga bulan kedepan, karena aku udah kelas 12 dan sebentar lagi bakal ada ulangan-ulangan yang ditunggu-tunggu di bulan Maret dan April. Belum lagi SBMPTN juga.Tapiii, setelah itu aku usahain untuk lebih produktif menulis. 

fyi, alasan aku mau kembali menghidupkan blog ini karena seorang public figure dan youtuber Indonesia yang lagi in juga, Kak Gita Savitri. I don't know why konten video youtube dan blognya banyak yang berbobot dan bermanfaat, to be honest. I'm aso impressed by her writings in her blog and I love how critical she is. Dari karya-karyanya, aku bisa refleksi kepada diriku sendiri, untuk jadi pribadi yang lebih baik juga. Karena hampir semua kontennya ngena dan bisa jadi refleksi bukan cuma untuk aku, tapi untuk orang-orang Indonesia terutama pemuda-pemudanya. And I've been wondering if I could spread positive influences just like she does. 

Done! Itulah update blog aku yang baru. Memang enggak banyak yang berubah, kok. Aku katakan ini sebagai blog update karena postingan ini sebenarnya adalah sebuah greeting ulang dari aku, sebagai penulis blog ini, yang lagi kepengen restart blogging, setelah MIA dari dunia blogging. Aku mau kembali dengan banyak postingan yang lebih bermanfaat dan pastinya lebih konsisten dalam menulis. But one thing that you have to know: Aku baru akan produktif setelah bulan April. Jadi mohon bersabar, hehe. 

Udah setengah 12 lewat di rumahku. Aku harus tidur. Besok masih ada bimbel gambar. 

Once again, hello and welcome to Farahfrd 2.0.

review: fabricated city

Hi and welcome back! Fyi I just finished the national-based school exam (which I think was sort of.... meh) and I'll be free for t...